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Unexpected end of JSON input

Solved: Unexpected end of JSON input

How to fix the JSON Error message “Updating failed: Unexpected end of JSON input”

JSON error “Unexpected end of JSON input” is most common in WordPress or other PHP websites. I also face this issue today and try to fix it. I have done some steps to fix it that I want to share with you. You can also fix this error with these simple steps, without losing your data.

Unexpected end of JSON input

First of all, I changed my WordPress theme to check if there are some missing files in my Theme.
If the error will remain the same, in the next step you should check your installed plugins.
Some plugins create problems also, so I checked all my plugins one by one. I read another article that we can remove all plugins to check it but I will not recommend this. Because if you will delete all the plugins you may lose your data or problem with website appearance.

Unexpected end of JSON input

So I Just deactivated all of my plugins and then activate them one by one to check the problem. And I found out that a plugin name “WP External Links” was creating the problem. So, I simply deactivated this plugin and delete it.

After the deactivation, my website is working normally and the problem is solved.

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Note — Unexpected end of JSON input

I want to mention that it will be wrong if you people think that there is some problem with this plugin “WP External Links” because thousands of peoples are still using this and it is working perfectly. I think it is not compatible with my theme or any other plugin that’s why it was misbehaving.

so, you can check all of your plugins to find out the exact problem. If you have any other problems you can post in my website forum or in the comment. I’ll try my best to solve your issues. Thanks for reading the post.

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  • Hi There,

    Thanks for sharing this, By reading your post I have solved my problem, By Uninstalling the “WP External Links” Plugin My Unable Update problem is solved. Thanks for this help.



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