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What is Oil rig?

An oil rig is any kind of mechanism constructed for oil drilling. Oil rig courses are specially designed for the peoples who wanna work in oilfield.. these rig courses will help them to get success in oil career.

Kinds of oil rig include:

  • Drilling rig, an apparatus for on-land oil drilling
  • The drillship, a floating apparatus for offshore oil drilling
  • Oil platform, an apparatus for offshore oil drilling
  • Oil well, a boring/excavation from which oil is extracted


An oil rig is made up of many different parts or components. These components are very important to execute the overall operation of an oil rig. There is a  list of components of an oil rig:

  • Crown Block and Water Table
  • Catiline Boom and Hoist Line
  • Choke Manifold
  • Pipe Ramp
  • Pipe Racks
  • Accumulator
  • Drilling Line
  • Monkey board
  • Traveling Block
  • Top Drive
  • Mast
  • Drill Pipe
  • Doghouse
  • Blowout Preventer
  • Water Tank
  • Electric Cable Tray
  • Mud Pits
  • Reserve Pits
  • Engine Generator Sets
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Electric Control House
  • Mud Pump
  • Bulk Mud Components Storage
  • Mud Gas Separator
  • Shale Shaker

What does an offshore oil rig penetrating laborer do?

offshore boring specialists work in an assortment of functions on oil apparatus or gas rigs. You could be functioning as a driller, aide driller, or a derrickman. You’ll be caring for the drill and different instruments used to investigate and separate gas and oil from a well.

As a derrickman, you generally work 20 to 25 meter’s over the apparatus floor on a stage appended to the derrick (the pole that underpins the penetrating gear). You work under the management of the driller and aide driller.

As a driller, you oversee the boring group and control the pace of the boring. Your work in this profoundly talented job would include:

  • controlling procedure on the drill floor
  • supervising gathering of the boring apparatuses, and associating areas of the drill pipe
  • working and controlling the apparatus that raises and brings down the drill
  • tracking the boring cycle
  • ensuring the entire group observes wellbeing and security rules

As an assistant driller, you must organize the exercises on the drill floor, for instance by passing on guidelines and data from the driller to the remainder of the boring group.

In this work, you’ll frequently be working endlessly from home for quite a long time at a time. The occupation can be genuinely requesting so a decent degree of actual wellness is significant.

What do I need to do to turn into an offshore penetrating specialist?

A great many people who enter this vocation have finished an apprenticeship, however, this isn’t mandatory. Numerous individuals likewise have an insight of dealing with the apparatuses as workers or roughnecks.

You should be beyond 18 years old to work on an oil or gas rig. To work seaward, you should pass a seaward endurance and firefighting course, otherwise called crisis reaction preparing, or fundamental seaward acceptance and crisis preparing (BOSIET).

RIG Roustabout Course

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Rig Roustabout Course is specially started for the Rig Helpers who can do physical work…

Duration= 2 Weeks

RIG Floorman Course

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Rig Floorman Course is specially started for the Peoples who can do physical/technical work…

Duration= 2 Weeks

RIG Store Keeper Course

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Rig Store Keeper Course is specially started for the educated peoples who can do office work…

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Radio Operator Course

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Rig Radio Operator Course is specially started for the peoples who can do work on computers…

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