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Video Editing Services


We are providing video editing services and we will edit all kinds of videos according to your needs in a creative and professional manner. Footage will be color corrected and color graded. We do never compromise on video resolution and quality. I use Filmora video editor, Camtasia video editor, Adobe premiere pro and After effects for video editing purposes. I’ll edit your VLOGS, Office Presentation Videos, YouTube videos, wedding, Gaming Montages, corporate, travel videos, and make them look great and vibrant.


We can help you in:


  • Video Editing for YouTube channels
  • Birthdays and Family Films
  • Frame by Frame Cutting/Cropping and Merging Clips
  • Slow Motion Effects
  • Sports and Advertising
  • Montages and Promos
  • Top 10 or Top 5 Copyright Free Videos
  • Sub-titles and Overlays
  • Cooking Videos
  • Wedding Movies
  • Drone Clips
  • Zoom in and Zoom Out
  • Family and Vacation Footage.
  • Vlogs Editing
  • Raw footage to Finish Videos
  • Slideshows and Various Effects.
  • Audio Sync
  • Transitions and Blurs
  • Resizing the Video Dimensions
  • GoPro Movies and Unboxing
  • Stabilizing video clips
  • Greenscreen Clips
  • Background music
  • Social Media Footage
  • Explainer and Business Footage
  • Holidays and Trips
  • Intro and outro animation
  • Gaming Editing
  • Commercials and Ads
  • Animated titles and lower thirds
  • Color correction and color grading of clips
  • Logo animation


We will also use color correction, modern transition, noise removal, sound effects, animated titles and lower thirds, and adding background music at the right time.


Why Logi Bones!


12 years of Experience

Video Editing with professional and Premium Software’s

Using Registered Products to maintain the quality of videos


In the short time interval


What You Will Get After Hiring Me?


Best Videos for your Channel, Facebook Page or Website

High Resolution and Supported Video Formats


Also Check: Logo Designs


I will provide your files in AVI, MOV, MP4, WEBM, or any other format you need. And more, ready to be uploaded on the Corporate website or anywhere on social media.



We do our best to achieve and maintain a professional standard with my work and I would be pleased to collaborate. I look forward to hearing from you.


You can place an order directly OR if you are still confused? You can message me on WhatsApp at +971568665750 before placing an order.

1 review for Video Editing Services

  1. Kathleen Hodge

    They have edit some personal video’s for me, I am happy and satisfied with their services. Well Done Guys. 👍

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