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Popular Games become a passion for gamers. Gamers are crazy about their favorite games. We have updated this list of the most played popular games in the year 2020. These games have done great business and new feature updates to make their customers happy. Let’s see the list of most played games in 2020.

Player Unknows Battle Ground (PUBG)

Launched Year2018
PortablePc, iOS, Android, Xbox
DevelopersPUBG Corporation
Registered PlayersMore than Fifty (50) Millions of Players

Player Unknows Battle Ground (PUBG) is the Most Popular Online Games of 2020 as of recently. This game has taken the web with fire and with time it has numerous players as they anticipated. PUBG is really founded on protection and H1Z1. This Game can enjoy up to 99 players all at once.

This Game is a lot of well-known because of the designs and genuine circumstance where a guide and a mission is allotted with more adversaries stowing away in the shrubs. The players win the game in the event that they endure the circumstance and execute all the concealed adversaries.

Launched Year2012
PortablePc, iOS, Android
DevelopersBlizzard Entertainment 
Registered PlayersMore than Twenty-Nine (29) Millions of Players
HearthStone- popular games

This Game rather than the other Games on the rundown. HearthStone was a little venture of Blizzard Entertainment for test reason yet it got the hits and now been played on the ongoing event

This Game is of gathering card decks from various houses and various forces. Every one of the cards is utilized to bring down the adversary’s wellbeing and life to win the Game.

Launched Year2017
PortablePc, iOS, Android, Xbox
DevelopersEpic Games
Registered PlayersMore than Thirty-Nine (39) Millions of Players
fortnite battle rpg

This Game has been on the player’s rundown since 2017 however has taken the fierceness in 2018. Also, with that, it’s actually driving in numbers and emotional impacts however the fame isn’t that much into account as they have been simplified into kid’s zone, while PUBG has taken on both the sexual orientations

This Game has more highlights, gear, and Game – stages with a lot more noteworthy no of players except for the fame takes on to the record.

Launched Year2019
PortablePc, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox
DevelopersRespawn Entertainment
Registered PlayersMore than Fifty (50) Millions of Players
Apex-Legends-3rd-most- popular games

This Game has been in the information since its delivery, people who are not part of PUBG and Fortnite but rather like the front-line Games then this is the one game for them. The Game has six (6) player groups with three (3) parts in a crew left on the island to savage different assets and weapons to battle against different crews at that point.

The crew/squad left with more cooperative individuals are to be won. The guide Games and ping correspondence arrangement of this Game should be utilized from here on. This Game presently likewise acquired its place among the best hero themed video Games in 2020.

Counter-Strike – Global Offense

Launched Year2014
PortablePc, iOS, OS X, Android, Xbox 360, Linux
DevelopersValve Corporation
Registered PlayersMore than Thirty-Two (32) Millions of Players
counter strike --- popular games

The game is of psychological militants and counter-fear-based oppressor assaults. Where players need to diffuse and plant the bombs, achieve missions, secure areas, murders the psychological militant, and guarding the prisoners appeared on the guide. It’s a multiplayer shooter Game

Murdering adversaries and achieving objectives compensations with more money and prizes. Extra time networks and strategies and techniques have been enjoyed this Game.

Launched Year2011
PortablePc, iOS, Android, Xbox
Registered PlayersMore than Ninety-One (91) Millions of Players

This Game has been famous with each coming Game. This game has a few modes and with that clients need to endure and constructed its grounds and have all-out power to take upon creature structures, individuals, and food

It’s a 3D sandbox Game with no countless limitations and permitting clients to would whatever they like to. Its few modes have Survival mode, experience mode, imaginative mode, and onlooker mode.

League of Legends (LOL)

Launched Year2009
PortablePc, iOS, Android, Xbox
DevelopersRIOT Games
Registered PlayersMore than Twenty-Nine (29) Millions of Players
League-of-legends- popular games

It influences been long energy for the Gamers to play for this Game yet it is an evergreen game. The players have all control to picks their bosses that can contend with different heroes later on in this game

It has dazzling mode and great designs with much fervor on each level and each and every game. It’s a multiplayer activity Game with an RPG.

Launched Year2015
PortableWii U
Registered PlayersMore than Five (5) Millions of Players

Splatoon 2 game is a 3-individual shooter wherein the computer players control human squid known as Inklings – and later Octolings, human octopuses – and utilize shaded ink to assault adversaries and clear objectives.

Suspicions and Octolings can transform between social structure, during which they can discharge ink with their weapons, and squid structure (or on account of Octolings, an octopus structure) which permits them to swim through ink of their own shading to move swiftly and top off the ink.

Launched Year2015
PortablePc, Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS
DevelopersValve Corporation
Registered PlayersMore than Five (5) Millions of Players
dota 2 --- popular games

This game has been burning through a huge number of dollars by the valve organization for its multiplayer mode Game. It is compensated with the title of creation quality, fulfilling Gameplay, and unwaveringness to its archetypes.

DOTA 2 has some esports scene with world players playing across the globe in different competitions and classes.

The Division 2

Launched Year2019
PortablePlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox one
DevelopersMassive Entertainment 
Registered PlayersMore than Sixty-Four (64) Thousands of Players

Played from a third-independent viewpoint, the game happens in the city of Washington D.C. seven months after its archetype, in which a common battle among survivors and contemptible groups of raiders breaks out. In the Game, players can help out one another to finish their destinations.

The Game will likewise climax strikes, which can be finished by up to eight players. It got commonly great surveys from pundits, with most taking note of it as an improvement over the principal portion.

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