The Melody Pokemon Guide: Special Research About Pokemon GO Fest

Melody Pokemon GO Fest 2021

The Melody Pokemon Guide: Pokemon GO Fest 2021 is at long last beginning to carry out across the world and with its anything but a Special Research mission selective to ticket holders.

Prizes comprise 1 of 2 Fest Selective Event Pikachu, a lot of other helpful things, and early access to the Mythical Pokemon Meloetta.

Here’s a bit-by-bit manual for finishing the Pokemon GO Fest 2021 Special Research mission: The Melody Pokemon.

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Stage 1 — The Melody Pokemon Guide

Acquire a heart with your Buddy Pokemon – 1 Incense

Utilize an Incense – 50 Pokeballs

Catch 10Pokemon – 500 XP

Fruition Rewards: 500 Stardust, 1 Super Incubator, and 50 Pokeballs

Tip: Using Incense during GO Fest 2021 will allow you to get more Pokemon however extra sorts of Pokemon that are only drawn to Incense.

Stage 2 – Branching Point

Catch Rock Star Pikachu

Tips: Here you can pick between two exceptional sorts of Event Pikachu to get. The finish award for the following stage will be something similar between the two ways you pick, aside from you’ll get either a Rock Star Pikachu or a Pop Star Pikachu. Hero Pikachu will know the move Meteor Mash while Pop Star Pikachu will realize the move Draining Kiss. No other Pikachu can become familiar with those moves.

What you pick is dependent upon you. While Pikachu isn’t a lot of utilization in Raids or the Great League, it’s anything but a specialty in exceptional cups of the GO Battle League that stress Pokemon with low CPs.

The decision you make here additionally decides the Avatar Pose you get toward the finish of the last advance. Picking Rock Star Pikachu awards you the Avatar Rock Star Pose and picking Pop Star Pikachu awards you the Avatar Pop Star Pose.

The in-game music will likewise change contingent upon what Pikachu you pick, as per Niantic.

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Stage 3

Bring forth an Egg – 25 Great Balls

Catch 20Pokemon – 500 Stardust

Take a Snapshot – 500 XP

Fulfillment Rewards: 10 Razz Berry, Rock Star Pikachu or Pop Star Pikachu experience and 10 Pinap Berry

Tip: Players can bring forth eggs into equal parts the distance during GO Fest 2021.

Stage 4 – Branching Point

Catch Galarian Zigzagoon

Catch Galarian Ponyta

Tip: This is equivalent to the past spreading point no one but you can pick between Galarian Zigzagoon or Galarian Ponyta. What you pick is dependent upon you, however, Galarian Zigzagoon’s completely advanced structure, Obstagoon, is more helpful in the Great League.

You can likewise get Galarian Zigzagoon and Galarian Ponyta in 1-Star Raids during the Fest.

Stage 5 — The Melody Pokemon Guide

Utilize 15 Berries to help get pokemon – 25 PokeBalls

Make 3 Curveball Throws – 500 XP

Make 3 Nice Throws in succession – 500 Stardust

Fruition Rewards: 10 Razz Berry, Galarian Zigzagoon, or Galarian Ponyta experience and 1 Incense

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Stage 6 – Branching Point

Catch Flygon

Catch Gardevoir

Tip: The Pokemon you pick will accompany its Community Day-selective move: Synchronize for Gardevoir and Earth Power for Flygon. Flygon certainly benefits more from its elite move than Gardevoir, however, both Pokemon are valuable in the Great League.

In the eighth step, you’ll get either Trapinch Candy or Ralts Candy’s contingent upon whether you picked Flygon or Gardevoir.

You can likewise get Flygon during the Desert Mountain natural surroundings hour by utilizing an Incense and a Gardevoir during the Cave living space hour by utilizing an Incense. Any Flygon or Gardevoir found during the Fest will know their elite move.

Stage 7

Take a preview – 1 Incense

Walk 1km – 500 XP

Utilize an Incense – 20 Ultra Ball

Fruition Rewards: 500 Stardust, Flygon, or Gardevoir experience and 3 Rare Candy

Stage 8 — The Melody Pokemon Guide

Catalyst Pokemon multiple times – 1 Star Piece

Develop 3Pokemon – 3 Revives

Rout 2 Team GO Rocket Grunts – 3 Hyper Potions

Finish Rewards: Three Max Potions, Twenty Trapinch Candy, or 20 Ralts Candy, and 3 Max Revives

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Stage 9

Send 3 Gifts to companions – 30 Great Balls

Catch 15 extraordinary Pokemon species – 1,000 XP

Procure a heart with your Buddy Pokemon – 1,000 Stardust

Culmination Rewards: 5 Golden Razz Berry, 1 Incense, and 5 Silver Pinap Berry

Stage 10 — The Melody Pokemon Guide

Utilize 10 Berries to help get Pokemon – 1,000 XP

Catch 10Pokemon – 3,000 Stardust

Procure 5,000 Stardust – 3,000 XP

Finishing Rewards: 1 Lucky Egg, Meloetta experience, and 1 Star Piece

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Stage 11 — The Melody Pokemon Guide

Take a preview of Meloetta – 1 Lure Module

Move 30Pokemon – 20 Meloetta Candy

Make another Friend – 3 Rare Candy

Fulfillment Rewards: 10 Meloetta Stickers, Avatar Rock Star Pose or Avatar Pop Star Pose, and 1 Meloetta Avatar T-Shirt

Tip: According to Leek Duck, after you complete the Special Research mission you can take two GO Snapshots to get two experiences with the Event Pikachu you chose.

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